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Hot-rolled steel flat bar
TPC metal products Hardin, Montana

Hot-rolled steel flat bar EN10058

Hot rolled flat bar is a fairly widespread product of a rectangular metal-roll.
Flat bars are mainly subjected to stress during compression and twisting.
Therefore, special requirements for chemical composition are imposed on steel from which they are rolled.
It must strictly comply with EN10058.
General-purpose flat bars should be made according to EN10058.
The jumpers, plates, nuts, metal structures, roll-formed sections, seamed pipes, groundings, etc. are made of them.

Steel flat bar length, m weight 1 l.m., kg price, 1 l.m., $ price, 1 ton, $
Steel flat bar 4х20 5.0 0.65 0.45 659.61
Steel flat bar 4х25 5.0 0.78 0.55 599.65
Steel flat bar 4х40 6.0 1.30 0.93 637.14
Steel flat bar 5х50 6.0 2.02 1.24 614.65
Steel flat bar 6х60 6.0 2.93 2.32 629.63

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